Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"More men want wives to work"

Second semester started. I have a new English class. Last Monday, I read one interesting article in that class. The title is “ More men want wives to work”. According to that, the number of single men who want their future spouses to continue to work after childbirth is increasing. It made me surprised because I thought the traditional climate that wives should stay home was still incorrigible in Japan. However, it seems to depend on ages. In another English class, (We have six different English classes a week! Then, why is my English so strange..? ^^;) I read another newspaper. It said that more and more single women want to marry younger men. The older men hope that future wives quite their job, so women hate it. In my opinion, many young men hope so too because I hardly hear young men say that they want their future wives to continue to work.
I don’t know whether I quite my job after marriage or not. but I’m glad that the social status of women has advanced. I have an image that the social status of women in America is much higher than in Japan. Is this misunderstanding?

By the way, some people met Laura and ate kaitennzusi( it is sushi which was conveyed through belt conveyer) last Sunday. We had a very nice time. I was glad to meet Laura after a long separation. This is a picture I took then. I'm sorry a picture is fuzzy!!I am a bad photographer...