Saturday, September 23, 2006

Second semester is comming soon....

I 'm getting darker and darker.I miss this summer vacation!!!!!! Come baaaaaaack!!!!
I had a lot of nice experiences in this summer.( Of course the most precious memory is the life in Maryland!) But some plans remain because I didn't have enough time. Time flies!

Yesterday ,I made a very good and last memory in this summer. I went to Tokyo Disney Land with Yuiko, Miki and Hiromi( female~)!!

This is my first time to go to TDL, so I had been looking forword to it. But sadly, I wasn't full of energy yesterday morning. The reason is that I went back to Yokohama the day before yesterday and I had been still tired. I' m sory my behavior made my friends care.
However, I recovered the power while I enjoyed attractions. (corkscrew which were very very fast) While I don't remember the long names of them, I can' t forget the thrills of riding on them.

There were many souvenir shops.We enjoyed shopping! But the accident happened. In certain shop, a very cute cup which had a lid caught my eye. I took the cup from the shelf. The next instant, the lid fell and crashed!! It looked as if the time stopped. The mind went blank. Most people in the shop looked at me and one boy bothered to come near to me. I felt great shame. The clerk went up to me and said ,"Are you OK? Don't worry about the cup" and cleaned up. She seemed an angel.

After we left from TDL, I and Miki decided go to karaoke all night because the time was over the curfew of my dormitory. I appreciate Miki accompanying me.

I'm sorry I have no picture!


At 6:34 PM, Blogger Hiromi said...

Hi, Eriko~!
I was curious about what you and Miki did after you guys got off the train at Shinkiba, and you two did "Karaoke all(night)"? Long walk no ato nanoni sugoi ne.^^

Going to TDL with you was sooo much fun that the things you've said at TDL still make me laugh da yo! (The yomikata of "直向き" to ka....) Also, don't worry about the cup! I guess it always happens. Anyway, I really hope that I could go to Tokyo Disney Sea as well. I'm so interested in hearing your first impression of TDS!

At 4:47 AM, Blogger bon said...

It's my pleasure!
Karaoke was fun!
Let's go there again!!!
Tokyo DisneySEA nimo ikou-ne;)

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Hi Eriko! I accidentally found your latest post just now (When you post, please send a message to the Google Group so that we know to check your blog!). It sounds like you had lots of fun at TDL with her AGU in America friends. I am sure you felt embarrassed when you broke the cup lid; I would have, too. But in Japan, it seems that the shopkeeper takes the loss, whereas here in the U.S., in policy in many such stores is "You break it, you bought it!" which means that you have to pay for the broken merchandise. :-( So consider yourself lucky!

I hope to see you at our second online chat at on October 11, 10 pm your time.

At 9:28 PM, Blogger Ji Won said...

Eriko-chang~ ^^
Long time no see! How are you??
It sounds like you had a lot of fun at TDL. Please be careful next time when you touch cups da yo! ^^ Abunaiiiiii

今日から学校始まるでしょう? 頑張って勉強してぜひいい成績もらってください~! お互いに頑張ろうねーーー


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