Monday, September 25, 2006

I succeeded in signing in Google Group at least!!

I'm sorry everyone!(Especially Nina) Because I failed to sign in Google Group first time I tried, I had trouble trying to sign in again. But! I finally did! I will be able to join the chat on 11 October!!
The massages from Kevin and Tim in Google Group made me happy since I didn’t have the way to connect with them so far. Now that I am a member of Google Group, I can connect with everyone more smoothly.
I will send a message right now to announce I posted new one. (I was surprised at Nina's comment since I didn't know about messages .)

P.S. I put the picture I took from the roof of my dorm. I'm sorry this view is simple and far from beautiful but I wanted to show you the place I live in.


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Hiromi said...

Hi, Eriko!
First of all, omedetou for signing in the Google Group! I can imagine how glad you were to be able to do it finally da yo! I felt the same way when I succeeded in using Bubbleshare.^^ Also, I was happy to find the new post written by you on the Google Group,and I'm sure your computer skill is definitely improving! So keep trying~.^^ I'm looking forward to talking to you at the next chat da yo!

I enjoyed looking at the picture you took. The view itself is simple, but it helps me imagine how your hometown looks like. Can I stay there when I do karaoke all night? Hahaha~.^^ Mata nee!

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Ji Won said...

Congratulations on a successful sign in to the google group. I look forward to talking to you on the 11th! ^^
How was your first day of class? Did you meet everyone that went to Maryland this summer?
Mata ne~~

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Tetsuya said...

Good for you Eriko!!!
I just forgot to sign into the group too!!!
I'll try!! I'll see you tomorrow!!


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