Monday, September 25, 2006

I succeeded in signing in Google Group at least!!

I'm sorry everyone!(Especially Nina) Because I failed to sign in Google Group first time I tried, I had trouble trying to sign in again. But! I finally did! I will be able to join the chat on 11 October!!
The massages from Kevin and Tim in Google Group made me happy since I didn’t have the way to connect with them so far. Now that I am a member of Google Group, I can connect with everyone more smoothly.
I will send a message right now to announce I posted new one. (I was surprised at Nina's comment since I didn't know about messages .)

P.S. I put the picture I took from the roof of my dorm. I'm sorry this view is simple and far from beautiful but I wanted to show you the place I live in.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Second semester is comming soon....

I 'm getting darker and darker.I miss this summer vacation!!!!!! Come baaaaaaack!!!!
I had a lot of nice experiences in this summer.( Of course the most precious memory is the life in Maryland!) But some plans remain because I didn't have enough time. Time flies!

Yesterday ,I made a very good and last memory in this summer. I went to Tokyo Disney Land with Yuiko, Miki and Hiromi( female~)!!

This is my first time to go to TDL, so I had been looking forword to it. But sadly, I wasn't full of energy yesterday morning. The reason is that I went back to Yokohama the day before yesterday and I had been still tired. I' m sory my behavior made my friends care.
However, I recovered the power while I enjoyed attractions. (corkscrew which were very very fast) While I don't remember the long names of them, I can' t forget the thrills of riding on them.

There were many souvenir shops.We enjoyed shopping! But the accident happened. In certain shop, a very cute cup which had a lid caught my eye. I took the cup from the shelf. The next instant, the lid fell and crashed!! It looked as if the time stopped. The mind went blank. Most people in the shop looked at me and one boy bothered to come near to me. I felt great shame. The clerk went up to me and said ,"Are you OK? Don't worry about the cup" and cleaned up. She seemed an angel.

After we left from TDL, I and Miki decided go to karaoke all night because the time was over the curfew of my dormitory. I appreciate Miki accompanying me.

I'm sorry I have no picture!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hot Spring

Three days ago, I went to Kurokawa Onsen(hot springs) with my friend. Kurokawa is very famous as a hot-spring town.Kurokawa has more than fifteen hot springs. Do you konw Aso?( I think Aso is most famous place inKumamoto.) Kurokawa is in Aso. Japan has many hot springs and most Japanese like them.

We took many hot springs.
At first we went to the hot-spring of a cave. As you see, water wells through rocks in the cave. The landload of this hot spring holed this cave himself!! (phto; After that,we went to the open-air bath which was famous for beautiful view. But as soon as we soaked,it started to rain and thundered and lightened! So we got out quickly.

And we went back to the inn whose name is Ikoi ryokann. We were able to stay at the inn far cheaper than the ordinary price through connection! (But it was a very very distant connection. My mother's friend's husband's friend,who was a teacher, taught a girl who is a daughter of the owner of the inn. So the teacher asked her to take in us.) The inn relaxed us, and what's more, the meal was very very delicious! My face is getting bigger and bigger...

We soaked in various water;bijinyu(you can become beauty!) ,white water, tachiyu(The depth was 1.5 meters.) Of cource we had a good time, but we were tooooo exhausted to enjoy enough. I learned a lesson that we must not take a bath more than twice a day from this trip...